Health Care

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.

To a large extent, our rigorous diet regime takes care of the children's health.

For ordinary ailments and emergency, we send the children to general physicians in the neighbourhood and the consultation is free. Prescription medicines are bought from a nearby medical shop. We keep a first-aid kit and stock of medicines like Paracetemol, Crocin, painkillers etc for general ailments. Children use cold creams and petroleum jelly in winters. In summers, we stock ORS sachets, Glucon D etc in case any child suffers from dehydration. We use mosquito repellants like All Out and Mortein to fight the mosquitoe-menace.

Dental Check UpFrom time to time, we have medical camps - general; dental and eye check-up organized by friends and volunteers.

For children who have additional nutritional requirements, we provide carrots, greater amounts of milk, eggs and leafy vegetables as well as calcium tablets and Dexorange syrup.