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Initial Days
The idea of starting Sphoorti was developed in early 2005. Things started moving only after a year. We had a tough time looking for people who would believe and support us, and at the same time, there was plenty of ridicule and opposition from many quarters. Few people were willing to lease out their premises to Sphoorti; we could finally rent the existing premises after a lot of search and persuasion. We finally started our activities in August 2006 with three children.

The Journey 
At the end of the first year, we had 32 children and, 53 children at the end of the second year. In August 2008, we moved the boys into new premises in the neighborhood. In 2009, we constructed a separate Home for Girls. We have a three-acre plot allotted by the Government where we finished Compound Wall and other preliminary construction. We currently have 200 children in our premises in Cherlapally. We also support education of 200 children with the help of our project partners.

The Next Steps
We are constructing Dormitories and hope to move in at least 100 children in 2016-17. We are also planning to construct a school in the next two years.

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