All work and no play makes Shanku a dull boy.

Children should be children! And what can be more exciting and enjoyable for children than watching a movie or visiting an amusement park or just spending their free time in a manner they choose.

Every day, an hour and a half is devoted to recreation when children can do anything they like except studying. But the real fun starts every Saturday evening and continues throughout the next day. We have a new PC, a DVD player, a 4800W 5.1 Channel Speaker set and a TV for playing music and movies.

Painting and Dancing are a passion at SPHOORTI. We regularly conduct painting sessions and competitions. Our children learn new dances regularly from visiting choreographers. painting

We provide all the necessary sports equipment - carrom and chess boards, cricket bats and balls, skipping ropes, badminton rackets, tennicoit rings et al.

From time to time, our children go out with our friends and volunteers for a movie, the zoo, a circus show or a park in Hyderabad.

Major festivals are celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm- check out the links: Sankranti, Holi and Diwali. Our New Year Celebrations are very popular among our friends. Next time, please be a part.