Support A Child

Please sponsor a child to help us provide continuous support to our children during their stay in Sphoorti. We intend to provide all those opportunities to children that a child from a middle class family enjoys.

What Your Support Does | Break Up

Provide Food - Tasty, Varied and Nutritious
We provide food of high quality. Our diet has been devised by a nutritionist. We never compromise with the quality and quantum of food cooked and served - breakfast and two meals a day along with sprouts, fruits/eggs and milk. Our children also have stuff like samosas, pastries, fruits, cool drinks etc from time to time.

Provide Education - Schooling and Beyond
Before coming to SPHOORTI, most kids never attended school properly. Now, with your help, our kids attend an English medium school and after-hours tuition classes. We also have a computer lab and a fledgling library which will take a definitive shape very soon.

Provide 24 x 7 access to Healthcare
We take the children to the nearby physicians as and when required. We have periodic check ups from corporate hospitals (Kamineni Hospitals, Asian Health Foundation, Pushpagiri Eye Institute, Smiline Dental Hospital) and doctors in their individual capacity.

Provide other necessities
We provide all other facilities and resources required by the children.

Finally, Provide a Happy and Happening Place
Where kids feel it's their Home, not their 'Hostel'.

Break Up

Under the Sponsor a Child Scheme, we seek your contribution of Rs 18000 per annum. This amount covers direct living expenses of one child. The table provides a rough break-up of expenditure on each item.


Books + Stationery et al
Health Care
Personal Hygiene
Miscellaneous Expenses

Total Annual Cost


Rs 9000
Rs 3000
Rs 3000
Rs 3000
Rs 800
Rs 700
Rs 1500
Rs 1000

Rs 22000