It is in the shelter of each other that our children live.

SPHOORTI has four premises.

The Girls' Home consists of 7 rooms. Girls keep their clothes, books and other stuff in 6 rooms. Each room has mats, bedspreads, iron racks for keeping clothes and blankets and shelves for books, school bags and necessary things like soaps, tooth brushes and powders, hair oil and talcum powders. The premises have 4 bathrooms and water is stored in three big drums. There is a Computer Lab with 5 computers.

The Boys' Home consists of 10 rooms, each room contains 2 iron racks, bedspreads and bedsheets, blankets. Three rooms are used as store rooms. There are 9 bathrooms and drums to store water for general usage. The boys keep their bags, books and shoes in the shelves.

The Home for Younger Boys has 6 rooms. Half of the building is used for living while the other half is used for training classes. In the evenings, the entire building is used for tuition classes for STD VI - STD X.

The mess consists of 5 rooms and both boys and girls have food here.

Drinking (Manjeera) water is fetched from a nearby locality and for general purpose we use bore water.