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We have an amazing team of staff with high commitment and energy levels. Sphoorti currently employs 12 members - 6 women and 4 men. Seven of them stay here 24x7.

Mrs Rajeshwari and Mrs Nagur Bee cook food for our children. Ms Veni takes care of the Girls' Hostel. The ideal couple Mr Raju and Mrs Rajani are the care-takers of our Jr Boys' premises. Mr Mahesh Babu manages the Boys premises and all academic affairs.

Our security man Mr Lakshmaiah helps us provide a safe and secure environment for each of our children. Our driver Mr Mr Ranjith Basha drives the people who drive the organization. Mr Raj Kumar and Mr Tirupathi extend voluntary services.

Other Key Members

Dr Anuradha and Dr Sravan - our benevolent physician couple. They do not charge consultation fees from Sphoorti children. Our medicine man Sri Satyanarayana offers discounts on medicines.

Mr Govinda Raju and Mr Srinivas Mankala (Bethineedi Associates) - Our ever helpful Chartered Accountants. Their services make up for the lack of an accountant in Sphoorti.

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