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Sphoorti Foundation provides the opportunity for disadvantaged children to TRANSFORM their lives through comprehensive care. Sphoorti has been supporting over 250 abandoned, and destitute children who come from underserved communities

Who are we?

Located in Dundigal, in Hyderabad’s outskirts, Sphoorti is a non-profit organization that cares for underprivileged children. Our affectionate long-term care covers their basic needs, healthcare, and education and creates a home-like atmosphere in which our children thrive and find the support they need to truly discover themselves.

Over the years, Sphoorti has expanded into Tirupati and Vizag where we run after-school study centers in partnership with Social Integrated Rural Development Society (SIRDS) for children from underserved communities. We have over 20 so far with over 25 children in each center.


Our Ethos

We provide the opportunity for disadvantaged children to transform their lives through comprehensive care.


Our Vision

Given the right care, every child can be empowered to overcome the circumstances they were born into.


Journey of Sphoorti Foundation

People of Sphoorti

Supported by a passionate team of full-time staff and generous volunteers, Sphoorti couldn’t find itself in better hands. Together, they create an environment full of love and opportunities for the children and make it possible for them to always stay productive and engaged.

Our Initiatives

Sphoorti creates a safe and secure haven for our children to learn, improve, and bloom into who they really are so they can grow up to afford themselves the dignity and strength they need to break free of the cycle.


In our view, quality long-term care like the kind we provide empowers children to focus on self- development and become able to grasp the opportunities that come their way in life. We provide them with food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare to create a secure and positive environment in which they never feel a lack of privilege and can grow uninhibited by circumstance.


Through the care we provide, we intend to liberate our children from the shackles of circumstance and help them stand on a platform from where they can contend with their peers on equal footing. We provide them with behavioral and attitudinal counseling as well as with contemporary vocational and employment guidance that helps them think and plan ahead.


Care, after all, is multifaceted. It includes learning and improvement on all fronts. At Sphoorti, we ensure that children fully realize the latent potential within themselves through exposure to various activities and projects. Our curriculum offers them plenty of scope to cultivate different hobbies and recreational activities along with life skills and avenues to develop their personalities.

Sphoorti's Proof of Work

Our Proof

Committed to transparency, Sphoorti is an open book. We keep track of every rupee you raise and donate, and show the projects you help fund with photos and GPS. 

As a result, we have consistently received the highest grades for accountability in a non-profit organization. If you have any questions about our financials, please feel free to reach out to us any time.


Infrastructure & Facilities

Sphoorti provides housing for children between classes I and X in their Dundigal campus. Our Main Building houses the boys in our care as well as common facilities like the library, computer lab, wellness rooms, and the dining hall. Meanwhile, the girls have a block all to themselves nearby. 

Our library boasts a collection of over 1,500 titles and our computer lab is outfitted with 19 systems and an air conditioner. Needless to say, basic amenities like dining tables, bunk beds, CC cameras, fans, and tubelights dot the facilities to ensure that the children are never lacking in day-to-day comforts. Presently, 30% of our electricity comes from the solar panels we have in place

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