Covid Classes Sponsored By Sphoorti

Sphoorti has ensured continuity of classes for the marginalized communities by sponsoring coaching classes to engage children better in their daily course work.

Road beyond Covid

We need to think about the long-term impacts of the pandemic and the collective trauma it will cause in the future. We are proud to be implementing strategies, which equips teachers with the resources they need to ensure students will be supported upon reopening schools.

  • Create a sense of belonging in the classroom
  • Improve students’ attention
  • Build community among classmates
  • Increase listening and learning abilities
  • Create effective classroom routines
  • Motivate students to be involved and paying attention

Students will be returning to school after enduring trauma, disruption and unrest. As we continue to navigate this difficult time together, we find solace in knowing students and teachers in Sphoorti communities will be equipped to overcome obstacles upon returning to school.

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