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A Seed of Hope: Madhuri and the Birth of Sphoorti Foundation Written by Sambhrami Patil

Madhuri's story begins at the tender age of 4, when she lost her mother. With no one to look after her and her siblings, her grandmother stepped in. One evening, while her grandmother was selling flowers, Mr. Srivyal Vuyyuri approached her. He was building a home for orphans, Sphoorti Foundation, and offered to take Madhuri and her siblings as the first candidates. Their grandmother agreed, and moving to Sphoorti Foundation felt like a re-birth for Madhuri. Mr. Srivyal, who the children lovingly called mamaiya, took care of them like their own father, dropping them off and picking them up from school, giving them tuitions after school, taking them to museums and attending parent-teacher meetings. When Mamaiya married Ms. Venkateshwari, whom the children now called “attamma”, became a motherly figure, showering them with love and care. Madhuri discovered her passion for singing at Sphoorti. Mamaiya enrolled her into music classes, and she even had the opportunity to be selected for training by a famous Indian playback singer and teacher, Komanduri Ramachary. Unfortunately, Ramachary moved to the U.S., and the project fell through. Though disappointed, Madhuri didn't give up on her passion. She used her skills to perform at school events, conquering her initial stage fright with the help of Mamaiya's encouraging words: "Everyone will have opinions. But even if you make a handful of people feel good with your music, your talent is making an impact." After finishing high school, Madhuri faced a tough decision. Due to personal circumstances, she opted for a beautician course instead of pursuing a BA degree at Osmania University. While working at salons and as a salesperson, she noticed her peers from Sphoorti who had completed their degrees and were doing well financially. Inspired by them, she applied for a HR role at Crescent Tax Filing and got the job. Despite not having a degree, Madhuri considers herself a quick learner and aspires to complete her bachelor's degree someday with the help of savings and financial aid.

Carrying the Torch: How Sphoorti Shaped Sai Pothula's Life Mission Written by Sambhrami Patil

A young Sai juggled responsibility and hunger, caring for his brother in a tough boarding school. Despite hardship, his academic spark shone. Sphoorti Foundation became his haven – not just education, but a home filled with kindness and opportunities. Literature turned into movie analysis, competitions boosted his confidence, and dreams sprouted in this "luxurious life," as Sai called it. College aspirations led him to Mr. Srivyal Vuyyuri ("Mamaiya"), a guiding light who offered support and college visits. While top choices weren't in reach, Mamaiya encouraged NCC and a strong degree. Life threw a curveball – managing studies, NCC, and his mother's illness became overwhelming, leading to a failed final exam. Yet, Sphoorti's resilience remained. Sai started as a Zomato delivery boy, honing his skills. This propelled him to a team lead role and a successful career. He embodies Sphoorti's values, finding peace through meditation and yoga while giving back through social investment. His message for future students: dream big, seek help, and never forget the opportunities Sphoorti offers. Sai's story, alongside countless others, reflects the transformative power of love, opportunity, and belief – a testament to Mamaiya's dedication.

From Struggle to Success: Dharani's Journey with Sphoorti Written by Arun Chandra

Dharani Y's childhood was filled with uncertainty and financial struggles. As the middle child in a family of three, accessing education seemed like an unattainable dream. However, at the age of nine, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Sphoorti. Sphoorti became Dharani's guiding light, leading her through the maze of educational barriers. She joined Sphoorti at her age of 9, From primary to college, Sphoorti provided unwavering support, nurturing not only her academic prowess but also her extracurricular talents in karate, dance, and painting. But Sphoorti was more than just an educational institution; it was a family. Dharani fondly recalls celebrating festivals like Diwali with her Sphoorti friends, creating cherished memories amidst laughter and joy. Inspired by the volunteers and fellow children at Sphoorti, Dharani imbibed invaluable life lessons, instilling in her a sense of responsibility and determination. She learned to respect her elders and to seize every opportunity with gratitude and determination. After graduating college, Dharani secured a corporate job, thanks to the support and initiatives of Sphoorti. When tragedy struck and she lost her father, Sphoorti stood by her family, offering both financial assistance and emotional support during the challenging times, including the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as an independent woman supporting her family, Dharani is determined to give back to society, just as Sphoorti had done for her. She believes in the beauty of life and encourages future students to embrace Sphoorti as their second family, a place where dreams are nurtured and futures are shaped. For Dharani, Sphoorti is not just an organization; it's her second home—a place where she found hope, love, and the courage to transform her life from a struggling child to a confident and successful individual. And as she looks ahead, she carries with her the invaluable lesson that with trust, opportunity, and determination, anything is possible.

Empowered by Community: Swetha's Path to An Independent Living Written by Sambhrami Patil

Arriving at Sphoorti Foundation at the age of 5, Swetha found a new home and family among the people there. Though she doesn't remember much of her life before then, one of her early memories at Sphoorti is learning dance with her friends by watching tutorial videos and then performing at organizations like Harahara Kalabhavan. While Hatha Yoga classes helped Swetha build strength and self-confidence, she also discovered her love for movies during trips to the theater. “Attarintiki Daredi”, a Telugu comedy, became one of Swetha's favorites. Summers at Sphoorti meant waiting eagerly for the delicious ragi balls! The library was Swetha's favorite corner. She learned the importance of education from a young age and believes that knowledge is the key to success. The other children at the foundation were like siblings to her. They not only played together but also looked out for each other, teaching Swetha about good touch and bad touch. After completing her studies in Economics & Accounts, her brothers at the foundation, Vinod anna and Arjun anna, provided career guidance. They introduced her to the field of Business Analytics and helped her complete her undergraduate degree. Post her degree, Swetha has been working for the last 1.5 years as a process executive at Cognizant. She lives in a PG facility and manages her own bills. Ratla, her sister from Sphoorti, taught her personal finance and the importance of pursuing an MBA. Swetha is now funding her own distance MBA course while working full-time. Life outside Sphoorti has its challenges. Swetha misses the close-knit atmosphere and the care from her Sphoorti family. But the bond remains strong, and they all come together to visit the foundation during festivals and distribute food. Swetha's biggest motivator is Mamaiya, the founder of Sphoorti. Her dream is to follow in Mamaiya's footsteps and run an orphanage of her own, providing care and love to 50-100 children. Swetha's advice to others is simple - "Study well. Knowledge is the key to success in life."

A City Boy Forged in Sphoorti: Pavan's Story Written by Amrutha Valli

Pavan's village life was simple, but Sphoorti, a welcoming school, opened a door to a brighter future in 2008. Here, respect for everyone, regardless of age, became his first lesson. Pavan, a Telugu speaker, worried about English, the language of business. But Sphoorti instilled confidence, equipping him with tools to overcome challenges. His happiest memories involve joyful dance, a way to express himself freely at Sphoorti. Srivyal sir became his guiding light, emphasizing education's importance. Raj Anna and Ratna Akka supported him during exams, pushing him further. Sphoorti nurtured his mind and communication skills, preparing him for the professional world. Pavan sees Sphoorti as a haven, a place that instilled positive values and saved him from a limited future. He's forever grateful and wants to give back. Pavan's message: Be proactive, embrace joy, and spread happiness. He's a testament to Sphoorti's power, where a village boy found his voice and took flight towards a fulfilling future.

Chaitanya's Journey from Farm Work to IT Professional Written by Amrutha Valli

Chaitanya's calloused hands, once used to till the unforgiving land, found a new purpose at Sphoorti. This wasn't just a school, it was a warm embrace, a family that saw beyond the dust and sweat on his skin. In 2008, Sphoorti opened its doors, not just for education, but for a chance to become a better human being. Under Srivyal Mavayya's gentle yet firm guidance, Chaitanya learned valuable life lessons alongside his studies. Respect for others wasn't just in textbooks, it was woven into the very fabric of Sphoorti. Here, he discovered the man he wanted to be – kind, responsible, and ready to face the world. The transition wasn't easy. The world outside Sphoorti's walls was a bustling marketplace. Though an IT job provided a sense of accomplishment, a deeper yearning for knowledge stirred within him. Chaitanya's heart yearned for an MSc degree, a decision that meant leaving the familiar for the uncertain, even financial hardship. Yet, Srivyal Mavayya remained his anchor. With his unwavering support, Chaitanya juggled entrance exams, bank exam preparations, and the demands of his MSc. The pandemic threatened to derail his plans, but Sphoorti's spirit, embodied in Srivyal, kept him focused. The path wasn't smooth, but Chaitanya's perseverance, nurtured by Sphoorti's love, led him to Wipro and then ICICI. Success was sweet, but it was the bond with Sphoorti, the memories, and the guiding hand of Srivyal Mavayya that truly resonated. Chaitanya's story is a testament to the transformative power of belief - in oneself and in the unwavering support of Sphoorti. It's a message of hope, a reminder that even calloused hands can hold onto dreams, and with a little help, turn them into a bright future.

From Arjun's Village to Sainik Dreams: A Story of Resilience Written by Amrutha Valli

Arjun's village offered education as a distant dream, but Sphoorti, a beacon of hope, arrived. This school ignited his thirst for knowledge, igniting a yearning for an English medium education beyond the village walls. Sphoorti wasn't just academics; it fostered Arjun's kindness, forging friendships that transcended social barriers. He saw education as the key to breaking free. His first hurdle came after his intermediate exams. Though he excelled, his score wasn't enough for his dream Sainik school. Disappointment threatened to engulf him, but Srivyal sir, his mentor, saw the burning ambition in his eyes. Srivyal steered him towards another excellent college, emphasizing the importance of quality education regardless of location. Undeterred, Arjun saw this as a challenge. He dug deep, fueled by his unwavering determination. His relentless hard work paid off, securing him a coveted spot in the Sainik college. Everyone marveled at his grit. However, a new obstacle emerged – the exorbitant admission fees. Thankfully, Srivyal sir stepped in once again, offering not just financial aid but also unwavering moral support. This act of kindness cemented Arjun's gratitude for both Sphoorti and Srivyal sir. The college opened doors to a new world. Arjun embraced the diverse environment, diligently learning English, a skill that would prove invaluable. Srivyal sir's care continued. During his 10th board exams, unlike other students with parents, Arjun and his Sphoorti peers weren't alone. Srivyal arranged transport and even treated them to a celebratory meal after the exams, further solidifying their bond. Software professionals, Sri Ram and Reshma, visiting the college, ignited a new passion in Arjun – coding and software development. Their tales fueled his desire to learn these skills and follow in their footsteps. Sphoorti had equipped Arjun with more than just knowledge; it honed his social skills and instilled patience. Now, a successful professional himself, he returned to Sphoorti, not as a student but as a mentor. He shared his life lessons and the crucial skills needed to become a software developer, inspiring a new generation of Sphoorti dreamers. Arjun's story is a testament to the power of education, unwavering support, and the human spirit that conquers obstacles.

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